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Present and future

CoinLoft has been operating in the digital currency industry since 2013. 

We have gained a breadth of knowledge in the industry by building and operating an agency service in Australia. We are an industry member of ADCCA and also have a representative on the board.

We believe Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology will have a profound impact on the way we do business today, we are actively working on other projects in this space.

Executive team
Kim Beveridge
Kim first heard about digital currencies in 2013 and was intrigued by the concept. He felt that digital currencies and blockchain technology would disrupt many industries and wanted to be a part of it, which led to the inception of Coin Loft.

Kim has a software architecture background for large-scale, high volume enterprise IT systems and has been responsible for the innovative design and delivery of multiple product lines in the billing and payments industry. Kim has experience in software development, requirements definition, implementation, data migration and delivery of OLTP systems and possesses extensive experience in technical pre-sales, business analysis and solution design.

As co-founder of Coin Loft Kim has driven the technical design of the Coin Loft platform and related business systems.
David Temple
Bitcoin first sparked David's interest after it became the favourite subject at social gatherings. He is passionate about distributed ledger technologies and believes they have the potential to improve the way we transact across the globe.

David has a software engineering background with over 18 years experience in design, development and implementation of high volume enterprise systems. Prior to becoming involved with crypto-currency, David spent 15 years working with billing and payments technology and was involved with some of the first mobile wallet systems to become prevalent in emerging markets such as Africa.

As co-founder of Coin Loft David has been instrumental in developing the business and ensuring it can operate successfully within upcoming regulatory frameworks.
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